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MicroRNA are 20-22 nt, non-coding, single stranded molecule which regulates various traits and response against different stresses of wheat germplasm. Since their expression is spatial over time and tissue, thus experimental detection is a great challenge. Very limited miRNA data is available in miRBase (< 150) even for wheat having larger genome size (~17GB). Earlier miRNA genes prediction methodology based on conservation were having limitation like exclusion of old and new miRNA genes. Thus, such approach has compromised in total number of miRNA prediction. Wheat being oldest and complex genome, warrants such approach for much pragmatic and efficient miRNA discovery.

TamiRPred ( Triticum aestivum MiRNA Prediction) is species specific miRNA prediction (SMIRP) concept based tool, which is also the first wheat miRNA database. Using this tool, we have generated a total of miRNA genes which is populated in database developed based on 3-tier architecture in PHP and mySQL. In this server, SVM methodology using 151 features with accuracy of more than 96 % has been implemented.


TamiRPred has advantages of predicting chromosome-wise miRNA genes of as well as their respective physical location. Tool further offers prediction of different putative binding sites of miRNAs on different chromosomes. This server is freely available to global wheat research community at and expected to accelerate the miRNA gene prediction studies, polymorphism discovery in seed region along with supplementary information needed in GRN studies.

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ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat & Barley Research

ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
New Delhi -110012